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Dr. Sulaiman Abdullah Al Hasani

Welcome Message from the Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is one of the fastest developing fields of Engineering. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is a fascinating field that encompasses diverse range of disciplines and applications such as digital electronics, signal processing, electromagnetism, integrated circuit, communication theory, control system and more all of which are having a huge impact on every aspect of our daily life. Students studying this programme are equipped with necessary skills, knowledge and professional practice to be competent Electronics/Communication Engineers and be able to play key roles in workplace.

The Department adopts the hands on approach, which is teaching by doing and provides a challenging opportunity of getting exposed to real world problems through industrial collaboration and case studies from real world problems, while also providing the necessary encouraging environment, academic guidance, and technology support. Moreover, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers have the skills and the ability to start their own businesses where the market is booming and the opportunities are countless. We encourage and empower our students, those who have the vision, self-motivation, and courage to create their own start-up companies.

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers are in high demand because of the rapid advancement of the electronics and telecommunication technologies and their applications in the region and around the Globe. These create continuous job opportunities for competent Engineers who are able to deal and develop these disciplines further. The broadness of the Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering allow our graduates to have a great career prospects.

Typical employers

(including and not limited to): telecommunication service providers, companies from the Oil & Gas industry, petrochemical companies, Bio-Medical companies, defence and security, remote sensing companies Government entities.

We strongly welcome industrial partners for research collaborations in electronics, telecommunications, control systems, and signal processing.


The College currently has the following labs (capacity is 24 students/lab):

Physics Lab

  • Basic Physics Experiments (Forces, Motion, Pendulum, Equilibrium, Pullies)

Electronics I Lab

  • Basic Electrical Circuits
  • Electronic Devices
  • Basic Electronic Circuits
  • Electronic and Electrical Measurements
  • PC Interfacing
  • Analogue Electronics

Electronics II Lab

  • Digital Electronics
  • VHDL
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits Modelling and Simulation
  • PC Interfacing
  • PLCs
  • Microcontrollers and Microprocessors
  • Signal Processing

Communication Lab

  • Analogue Communication Systems
  • Digital Communication Systems
  • Antennas

Electronics Workshop

  • PCB Design and Manufacturing
  • PCB Drilling Benches
  • Soldering Benches
  • Measurement and Testing Equipment
  • Wide Range of Tools and Electronic Components

Control and Measurement Lab

  • Robotics
  • Servo and Stepper Motors
  • Sensors and Transducers

IT Infrastructure

  • General computer labs equipped with modern PCs, printers, Windows, MS Office and other general purpose software.
  • Specialised Computer lab equipped with modern PCs and specialised software (Matlab, Simlink, Pspice, Turnitin, C/C++, Solidworks, 3-D Printer).
  • Wifi internet access throughout the whole building.

It is worth noting that the UWE Validation Panel, during their formal validation visit to the College, inspected our laboratories and they were much satisfied with adequacy of the laboratory resources to deliver the programme.

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