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Dr. Pooyan Rahmanivahid

Welcome Message from the Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Since establishment of this College, the primary goal of Mechanical Engineering Department is to training and prepare our graduates for leadership roles in their future careers. We offer a BEng program in Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Technology which is awarded by University of West England (UWE) in Bristol, United Kingdom. Excellence education and quality research would lead to distribution of cutting edge technologies and integration of our students with the latest developments in mechanics, dynamics, thermo-fluid, energy, and manufacturing.

We aim to create future leaders in Mechanical Engineering field to solve society challenges and tackle industry difficulties. Our students are provided with a solid and challenging education system which stimulates and encourages their creativity and also blends mechanical engineering practice with technical research.

Our department is proud to have highly qualified and committed faculty members who are well recognized in their fields and have received several honours and awards from engineering societies around the world.

Our department looks forward to continue training future engineers and carry on contributing our duty as an educational institute to the society.

Kind regards
Dr. Pooyan Rahmanivahid

The College currently has the following labs (capacity is 24 students/lab):

Physics Lab

  • Basic Physics Experiments (Forces, Motion, Pendulum, Equilibrium, Pullies)
  • Fluid Mechanics & Material Testing Lab
  • Flow Measurement
  • Hydraulic Bench
  • Friction Loss in a Pipe
  • A bench mounted machine that demonstrates the phenomenon of creep under different conditions and in different materials.
  • Energy Absorbed at Fracture
  • Material Specimens

Thermo Dynamics Lab

  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

Vehicle Technology and Mechanical Workshop

Outsourcing Laboratories & Workshop to:
  • The National Automotive Higher Institute (NAHI)
  • Higher College of Technology (HCoT)


Engine Emission Test



ABS Braking System


Car Engines
Automotive Wiring System


 IT Infrastructure

  • General computer labs equipped with modern PCs, printers, Windows, MS Office and other general purpose software.
  • Specialised Computer lab equipped with modern PCs and specialised software (Matlab, Simlink, Pspice, C/C++, Solidworks, 3-D Printer).
  • Wifi internet access throughout the whole building

Engineering Laboratory Equipment



Experimental Equipment




Mechanics Lab

1. Basic Mechanism

Model: No.




Metrology Lab

1. Temperature Measurement and

Calibration Experiment


Model: No.


Materials Lab

1. Stress Testing Apparatus

Model: No.

2. Fatigue Testing Machine

Model: No.



Fluid Mechanics Lab

1. Center of Pressure

Model: No.

2. Study of Impact of a Jet

3. Flow Measurement

4. Friction losses in pipe


Thermodynamics Lab

1. Conductivity of Liquid Experiment

Model: No.

2. Conductivity of Gases Experiment

3. Radial Heat Conduction Experiment

4. Linear Heat Conduction Experiment

5. Heat Exchanger set up test (Heat

transfer Experiment)

6. Free force convection Experiment

7. Extended surface Heat Transfer


It is worth noting that the UWE Validation Panel, during their formal validation visit to the College, has inspected our laboratories and they were very satisfied with the adequacy of the laboratory resources to deliver the programme.

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