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  • All Departments allocate an Academic Advisor for each student throughout his/her study at the Department. The role of Academic Advisor includes:
    1. Assist students in understanding the curriculum and their academic responsibilities.
    2. Inspire students to uphold the highest of ethical and professional standards.
    3. Help mitigate students’ concerns and resolve relevant issues as they occur.
    4. Inform students about College rules and regulations.
    5. Monitor student’s progress throughout his/her academic career, from day one to graduation.
    6. Provide advice on Module selection and related curricular matters.
    7. Ensure that Module prerequisites have been taken and that a student repeats failed Modules when offered next.
    8. Keep notes on student’s progress to help in future advising.
    9. Recognize trouble signs such as excessive absence and refers the student to the proper College resources to help address them.
    10. Help students to better understand their role in a complex, rapidly advancing the world.
    11. Discuss future plans and career choices.
    12. Be there whenever a student needs support.
  • Academic Advisors meet with their advisees on a regular basis to discuss their progress, listen to their concerns, help them in adjusting to the rigors of college work, and mentor them to realize their full potential. Advisors must encourage and refer students to utilize the educational centers’ resources.
  • It is the students’ responsibility to contact their Academic Advisors and make appointments to meet with them.
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