The Admissions and Registration Office is the link that connects the college student from the first acceptance of the procedures of the student and the end of obtaining the  certificate by the Registrar and graduating, between this period  student passes many steps repeated in each semester and carried out by the Office, such as: student data entry, prepare its own file containing all the documents required for registration and prepare course schedule of the college, and entering students mark exam, develop study plans, processing transcript and the graduation certificate Preparation of lists and lists of graduates admitted for each semester and also what it takes to work each section and other Offices of the annual and semi-annual statistics. The Admissions and Registrations Office effective for the student, Academy instructor and administrative departments, and all of them work under the laws and regulations that arise by management and the Dean of the college.

Work tasks:

  1. Registration of the new students in accordance with the registration system in force.
  2. Declaration of the academic time tables and examination schedules in coordination with the academic departments.
  3. Maintaining records of the students and their marks, disclosures, certificates and documents related to the students.
  4. The completion of registration of the materials related to the students at the beginning of each semester in accordance with the regulations in force at the College.
  5. Monitoring the results at the end of each semester and issuance of  marks spread sheets.
  6. Organization of the data and preparation of the statistics required by Dept. of the College
  7. Calculating and following-up the collection of the fees in accordance with the principles in force.