The purpose of this handbook is to inform the students about basic rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the College, and to give some information related to the College and its programmes of study. (This information is important as you will need to be aware of it for making informed decisions.)

1- Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The online learning, teaching and assessment handbook is aimed to provide GCET students with the technical support and guidance to effectively utilize the virtual learning platform and to achieve the best learning experience.  The handbook contains visual steps to be followed by students in performing online procedures of registration, attending classes and submitting their work.

The handbook also shows the medium of communication between students and staff, academic advising and other services to support the blended learning mode of study.

1.2 Scope

  • The guidelines listed in this handbook applies to all GCET students in the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


  • This handbook regulates the communication between students and faculty including academic advisors and module leaders/tutors.


  • Through this handbook GCET aims to minimize face-to-face meetings and to familiarize students and staff to the virtual means of contact in teaching & learning and in all services provided to GCET students.

2- Guidelines for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

         VLE at GCET

The virtual learning environment (VLE) used at GCET is Blackboard which is provided by our academic partner the University of The West of England (UWE). Blackboard is the platform where students can attend live sessions through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, obtain learning materials, submit assignments and assessments, and many other features.

For the students to obtain access to Blackboard, they are required to complete the UWE online registration through MyUWE on an annual basis (every October) and module registration through the Student Record System (SRS) every semester. The UWE registration is explained in detail in section 2.2.2.

The online registration of modules, however, is done through SRS during the registration period declared by the Admissions and Registration Office. The link to SRS handbook is available under section 11 useful links. For a student to gain access to a module through Blackboard, two important steps must be completed; the annual UWE registration every October (2.2.2) and the module registration through SRS.

In addition to online live sessions of lectures, GCET also provide students with Virtual Labs for the practical learning. Virtual labs allow students to join the practical classes online. Certain soft-wares are used for the virtual labs based on the module. At the start of the semester the list of required soft-wares are sent to students by the module leaders. Student can contact the IT office at GCET to download all the necessary resources for the virtual labs. Students will also be provided with the instructions on how to use the virtual labs resources.

         What and How

2.2.1      The Required Resources

To successfully attend live online classes, recorded lectures, or submit assignments the undergraduate and postgraduate students will need a computer or a smart device and access to the internet. Some important features of Blackboard for instance the submitting tool are supported by specific browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. To learn more about other browsers which support the Blackboard platform go to link provided in section 11 Useful links. Note that, using unsupported browsers can lead to issues while using the Blackboard features.

Links to recorded lectures are shared with students registered in a module through Blackboard. Students can watch the recorded lecture as many times as they want. In addition, lecture notes are provided to students prior to the live session. To support students to effectively utilize the Blackboard platform, all lecture notes and links to recorded lectures are organized on weekly basis at the “Learning Material” page according to the delivery plan.

Students can also study offline provided that lecture notes and recorded lectures are downloaded to a local drive. Advices and guidelines on how to make the most of studying online can be found through the “Online learning” link available in section 11 useful links.

2.2.2      UWE Registration  MyUWE

At the beginning of every academic year (October), all undergraduate and postgraduate students must register in MyUWE. This includes returning and new students. The registration can be completed by following these steps:

  1. Go to the link:
  2. Click on “myUWE log in” under Students and alumni, as shown:


3. Login using your UWE credentials included in the offer letter sent to all undergraduate/postgraduate students (UWE ID and Password). Note that, the offer letter is sent to students through UWE and GCET emails.

4. Click on the “Registration” tab