Library & Learning Resources

Admin Building / Base Floor

GCET Library, as an academic support unit of the College, provides its users and customer access to information in pursuit of their learning and research for the benefit of individuals and the community. GCET Library is a “hybrid library” that respects the tradition of printed books as a repository of culture and knowledge and responds to the changing needs of technology with an automated library information system in place.

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GCET Auditorium

Admin Building / Floor 1

GCET auditorium located in first floor. The college uses the hall for the purpose of organizing events and celebrations such as the graduation

GCET Canteen

Admin Building / Base Floor

There is a canteen on the College premises which provides food and refreshments to students and staff of the College. Students and Staff are requested to only consume food at the canteen. Under no circumstances may food or drinks be consumed in classrooms, laboratories, or library.