The Communications Research Group was formed to work on ongoing research topics which can readily be transferred to industry. Our research on wire and wireless communications is focused on the fields of advanced design of wireless circuits and subsystems for 5G, B5G and even 6G wireless networks, Internet of Things (IoT), optic communications, as well as wireless sensor networks.
Additionally, advanced research is conducted in the development of the selected aspects of the underlying theory of signals and systems for a wide range of engineering applications.
The main goals are to reduce the cost and power usage through the design of a communication system, and maximizing bandwidth of communication channels via improvements in information system theory. To be more specific, we apply effective signal processing algorithms to improve the performance of the systems in terms of data throughput and power efficiency.


Research Focus

  • advanced design of wireless circuits and subsystems for 5G
  • B5G and even 6G wireless networks
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Optic communications
  • wireless sensor networks