Dr. Nemat El Hasan

Dr. Nemat El Hassan has been working as a Senior Lecturer in the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Global College of Engineering and Technology since January 2018. Her previous work experiences include working as a lecturer at the University of Khartoum with the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department, and as a researcher and teaching assistant at the University of Nottingham.
Dr. Nemat was awarded with the University of Nottingham Faculty of Engineering Scholarship and received her PhD degree from the University of Nottingham in 2017. She received her BSc degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Khartoum in 2011. Her work experience includes teaching undergraduate and postgraduate modules, designing modules and learning material, supervising research projects, and drafting paperwork of ABET accreditation process.
Dr. Nemat worked on Phase change memory (PCM) an emerging resistive non-volatile memory technology, and identifying operational failures, their origins, and ways to avoid them to utilize PCM technology in embedded memory applications. Her current research interests include machine learning application in renewable energy and solar PV systems modelling for analysis and improvement. Her research resulted in multiple refereed publications including Elsevier/IET journal articles, selective IEEE conference papers and book chapters. ”

Research Interests:
System Simulation, Renewable energy, Circuit Design, Machine learning.