Reading Area

The Library can accommodate 190 seats at the same time with two discussion rooms, individual workspaces, silent study area, photocopying and printing facilities, networked PCs, e-Learning room and a high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection. The Library adopts an open access system that allows the users to browse and select books from the shelves for library and/or for home use.

The Library is located at the ground floor of the administrative building. It is open from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM on a regular semester. The Library service is also available during weekends upon student’s request. The Library environment provides a comfortable and adequate workspaces and facilities for students with laptops.

GCET Library operations and services are fully automated, with the help of the state of the art Web-based library automation service “LibraryWorld”. This library automation system is used by thousands of libraries across worldwide. With this system, it is possible to access and find out the availability of the books at any time of the day and on all days of the week. The students and the staff can also download the ‘libraryworld’ app to use this facility.

Print, Photocopy & Scan

The self-service printing and photocopying service in the library is intended to cater students and staff with photocopying, printing and scanning jobs related to his/her own field of studies. Each student and staff are provided with printing PIN to use the printing facilities of the library. The printing allocation for students is equivalent to 150 copies black and white per regular semester. If the printing allocation is consumed, students are requested to top-up and pay R.O 1.000 at the finance office which is equivalent to 50 copies black and white printing. All printing allocations will be reset to zero on each semester. This is usually being done a few days before classes begin in each semester. Information Technology Services (ITS) at GCET has installed a printing-management system in the library.

Self-Service Printing Photocopying Policy Guidelines

  1. All currently enrolled students can use the self-service library printing and photocopying facilities.
  2. To use the facilities, each student is provided with library printing PIN sent via GCET email. 
  3. For printing PIN request, please approach the Librarians.
  4. The printing/photocopying allocation for students is equivalent to 150 copies black and white per semester.
  5. If the printing/photocopying allocation were consumed, student can top-up R.O 1.000 at the finance department, which is equivalent to 50 copies black and white printing/photocopying.
  6. Printed copy of module teaching materials is available in the library. Amount will vary based on the number of pages.
  7. Printing/Photocopying services are closely monitored, sharing of printing PIN is strictly not allowed.
  8. Printing/photocopying jobs for non GCET related document is strictly not allowed.
  9. Printing/Photocopying allocation will be reset to zero on each semester.

Discussion Room

Discussion room is one of the areas available in the library for students and staff that wanting to discuss or study in group for academic purpose only. For fair use discussion room session will last up to the minimum of 1 hour and maximum of 2 hours. Extension of hours is subject to availability. To use the discussion room students or staff must approach the librarian and fill out the discussion request form.

Discussion Room Policy and Guidelines

All GCET students/staff are authorized to use the discussion room for academic purpose only. General library rules also apply to the use of the library discussion room.

How to reserve a room?

  1. Approach the Librarian on the day that you want to use the room to check the availability.
  2. Fill up the form and confirm the booking.
  3. Present your GCET ID to the Librarian to get the key.
  4. Return the key and get your ID upon check out.

Condition to use:

  1. The discussion rooms are only available to groups of 2 to 8 students. Booking for use by individual student will not be accepted.
  2. For fair use each session will last up to the minimum of 1 hour and maximum of 2 hours. Extension of hours is subject to availability.
  3. All users are required to hand in their student ID to the library. Students ID will be returned to the users upon check out.
  4. Personal belongings should not be left unattended by the users. The library is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items.
  5. Users must keep the room clean, neat and tidy. No foods or drinks are allowed in the discussion room.
  6. Please keep your discussion quiet and comply with the library policies, rules and regulations.
  7. The library reserves the right to terminate use of discussion room that disrupts library users or that interferes with normal library operations.

E-Learning Room

The GCET Library Internet Hub available at e-learning room is a special component of the Library Reference and Information Service. The hub allows library users to discover and explore the internet, electronic resources and other applications intended for study and learning.

All the students enrolled in GCET are authorized to use the Internet Hub using their own individual username and password provided by the College upon enrollment/registration.

User Guidelines

  • Present GCET ID to the Librarian for proper assistance.
  • For fair use, each user is allowed one (1) hour use of the computer. An increment of an additional one (1) hour is allowed if no other user is waiting.

The Following actions are not allowed and are subject to sanctions:

  • Unauthorized installation of any software or data including display settings and desktop configuration.
  • Modification of hardware and/or software or data including display settings and desktop configurations.
  • Destruction of hardware.
  • Hacking security measures.
  • Any other action that may cause interruption of operations.

A user who violates the rules may be subject to disciplinary or other appropriate action including restrictions on the use of the Library Internet Hub

Wi-Fi Access

The GCET Library provides an unfiltered wireless Internet Hot Spot. This service is for library users with Wireless-capable devices, such as wireless-capable laptops and handheld computers. This service is intended to be available during normal operating hours of the library.

User Guidelines

  • Wireless networks are not secure and use is at the individual’s own risk. Viruses, security and privacy protection are the responsibility of the user and are not provided by the library.
  • The library is not responsible for any damage to data files, alterations to file systems, or the functionality of the computer resulting from connecting to the wireless network.
  • The library is not responsible for damage, theft, loss of property, personal information, software or other personal property used in the library.
  • The Wi-Fi connection cannot be used for illegal purposes, nor shall it be used in any manner that violates library policies. Normal College rules apply.