Currently, the College does not provide student accommodation. However, the Students Services Unit will help you find suitable accommodation through its contacts with Estate Agents in the region. The Unit can also advise you on the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement.

For more information please contact Salim Al-Mamari:

Mobile Number: 91444424



There are many private companies in Muscat offering transportation services for students. The Students’ Services Unit will assist GCET students in finding the appropriate transport agent.

For more information please contact Salim Al-Mamari:

Mobile Number: 91444424


IT Department

IT department in Global College of Engineering and Technology providing end to end delivery of IT services to staff and Students.

Departmental Objectives:

  • To provide IT needs for teaching and learning.
  • To support innovation in teaching and learning.
  • To have collaborative working and shared service delivery.
  • To ensure adherence to IT policy requirements.
  • To deliver timely and effective responses to staff and students requirements.

Departmental Responsibilities:

  • To maintain and recommend appropriately the IT Policies.
  • To backup System & Data at Remote Location.
  • To provide the IT tools to all the staff as per the IT policy.
  • To maintain IT infrastructure.
  • To keep the software updated.
  • To offer help desk for IT services
  • To maintain Inventory of IT assets.
  • To ensure that existing hardware and software assets are utilized to their maximum potential.

Medical Services

At Global college of Engineering and Technology we indorse and enhance the well-being of our students to support their academic accomplishment and improve their quality of life on campus. This can be achieved by providing visiting hour for out-patients, primary care and free consultation on general health care to registered students. The College provides students with good medical services. To make sure that they receive a suitable treatment, an appointed nurse is available from Sunday to Thursday, 8.30 am- 4.30pm.

Financial Support

Global College of Engineering and Technology offers flexible payment modes such as Student Loan though Bank Meethaq,

Post-Dated Cheques/Direct bank transfer etc. for students who are not able to pay during registration period. This helps students with financial problems to join programs and be the part of thousands of GCET graduates who have benefitted the degrees and prospered in their life.

If a student encounters serious hardship arising from unforeseen circumstances during their course, the College is able to provide more substantial help.