Buildings are becoming ever more complex and there is a high demand for technically inspired graduates who understand new technologies. Building services professionals are at the forefront of innovation in architectural engineering, sustainability, energy efficiency, intelligent buildings and the latest building information modelling (BIM) software. Engineers who pursue a professional career in building services can expect to become involved in a broad range of activities demanding not only a progressive approach to technical innovation, but also a clear understanding of the operational and commercial aspects of the construction industry and the contextual responsibilities to society and the environment. The aim of the programme is to provide an outstanding educational experience that will prepare graduates for related careers in the field of building services engineering, giving them the requisite knowledge, skills, creativity and enthusiasm to make a meaningful contribution to their profession.

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Awarding Body

University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, UK

Mode of Study

Full-Time, Part-Time and Flexible.


Four Academic Years Full Time, 8 Years Part Time or Flexible.


OMR 3,570 Per Year.
(Fees may increase by 2% annually, subject to MoHERI approval)

Minimum Entry Requirements

Successful completion of GCET General Foundation Programme with a minimum of 60% in each component. Diploma Holders are encouraged to apply for advanced entry.

Contact Person

Email : or  Tel: 24227999 – 24227925 – 91789204

Why Study our Programme?

One of the main distinctive features of this programme is that the student will get a British award from the University of the West England, Bristol, UK, (recognized worldwide) while studying in Muscat.

What you will be studying?

At the beginning of the programme, you will study Mathematics for Civil and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Principles (Building Engineering), Construction Technology and Services, Law, Economics and Management, Building Science. As you progress, Building Services Applications, Energy Transformations, Application of Mathematics in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Procurement and Contract Practice, Sustainability and Energy Simulations, Low Carbon Building Services, Interactive Systems and Comfort Control subjects are taught. Alongside, you will also develop professional skills in project planning, group work and communication. Throughout the programme, you will apply the acquired knowledge through practical laboratory work using our state-of- the-art lab facilities. you will get an inside track on the industry through factory tours and professional briefings from leading organisations. In the final year, you will also take a design project and a dissertation module to demonstrate the knowledge gained by you in the programme.

Where can it take you?

You could find graduate opportunities with a multinational or with a smaller private practice. Careers paths include consultancy, design engineering, specialist installation and maintenance contracting, and facilities or property management.

Programme Structure

Code Title CD Prerequisite 
 Level 0
UFMFBG-30-0 Foundation Mathematics: Algebra & Calculus 30 None
UFMFAG-30-0 Foundation Mechanics 30 None
UFMFEG-30-0 Engineering Experimentation 30 None
UBLMPA-30-0 Foundation Year Project 30 None
 Level 1
UFMFYG-15-1 Mathematics for Civil and Environmental Engineering 15 None
UBLLWQ-15-1 Engineering Principles (Building Engineering) 15 None
UBLMYS-30-1 Construction Technology and Services 30 None
UBLMPC-30-1 Law, Economics and Management 15 None
UBLMSS-30-1 Building Science 30 None
 Level 2
UBLMTB-30-2 Building Services Applications 15 UBLMSB-30-1
UBLMH8-15-2 Energy Transformations 15 None
UFMFF7-15-2 Application of Mathematics in Civil and Environmental Engineering 15 UFMFYG-15-1
UBLMRT-30-2 Procurement and Contract Practice 30 None
UBLLYF-15-2 Sustainability and Energy Simulations 15 None
UFCF95-15-3 Entrepreneurial Skills 15 None
 Level 3
UBLMHP-15-3 Interactive Systems and Comfort Control 30 None
UBLMGP-15-3 Energy Management and Performance Evaluation 15 None
UBLMPB-30-3 Mechanical Services 15 UBLMTB-30-2
UBLLXE-30-3 Design Project 30 UBLMTB-30-2
UBLLYV-30-3 Dissertation 30 None
UBLMN7-30-3 Low Carbon Building Services 30 None
GCET-15-0 Omani Culture

Note: The Omani Culture Module is a compulsory module that will be offered during summer. It carries 0 credit so it will not contribute to the programme credits.