Businesses need good IT people – and that means people who understand the technology, but also how to apply it to real business challenges. Web, programming and data analysis are all important strands and businesses are using data analytics for consumer research, marketing and social media. Having a solid base of IT knowledge across all these areas, with a relevant mix of business skills thrown in, will put you in a strong position for current and emerging roles in the digital industry.

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Business Computing

Awarding Body

University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, UK

Mode of Study

Full-Time, Part-Time and Flexible.


Four Academic Years Full Time, 8 Years Part Time or Flexible.


OMR 3,570 Per Year.
(Fees may increase by 2% annually, subject to MoHERI approval)

Minimum Entry Requirements

Successful completion of GCET General Foundation Programme with a minimum of 60% in each component.

Contact Person

Email : or  Tel: 24227999 – 24227915 – 24227912

Why Study our Programme?

One of the main distinctive features of this programme is that the student will get a British award from the University of the West England, Bristol, UK, (recognized worldwide) while studying in Muscat.

What you will be studying?

At the beginning of the programme, you will study, Computational Thinking and Practice, Web Foundations, Creative Technology Studies and Information Practitioner Foundations. As you progress, Introduction to Object Oriented System development, business applications, are taught. Alongside this, you will develop business skills such as understanding organisations and peoples, principles of marketing and project management. Throughout the programme, you will apply the acquired knowledge through practical laboratory work using state-of-the-art lab facilities. In the final year, you will study, business intelligence and data mining, ethical and professional issues in computing and digital media along with software development project module to demonstrate the knowledge gained by you in the programme.

Where can it take you?

As a graduate in the field of Business Computing, you’ll have a strong mix of computing and data analytics skills within a business environment. This will put you in an excellent position for a wide range of IT-focused careers including business analyst, software developer, data analyst and marketing analyst, to name a few.

Programme Structure

Code Title CD Prerequisite 
 Level 0
UFCFQN-30-0 Computational Thinking and Practice 30 None
UFCFPN-30-0 Information Practitioner Foundations 30 None
UFCFRN-30-0 Creative Technology Studies 30 None
UFCFTN-30-0 Web Foundations 30 None
 Level 1
UFCFC3-30-1 Introduction to Object Oriented Systems Development 30 None
UFCFR3-30-1 Information Technology 30 None
UFCFP3-30-1 Business Applications 30 None
UMODDP-15-1 Understanding Organisations and People 15 None
UMKD6J-15-1 Understanding the Principles of Marketing 15 None
 Level 2
UFCFV4-30-2 Data Schemes and Applications 30 UFCFR3-30-1
UFCFN6-30-2 IT Practice: Collaborative Project 30 UFCFC3-30-1
UFCFKM-30-2 Foundation for Business Analytics 30 UFCFC3-30-1
UFCFB6-30-2 Object-Oriented Systems Development (Elective) 30 UFCFC3-30-1
UFCFG6-30-2 Project Management (Elective) 30 None
UMKDJ4-15-2 Integrated Marketing Communications (Elective) 15 None
UFCFX3-15-3 Advanced Topics in Web Development(Elective) 15 None

Level-2 Total Credits – 120 (30 credits from Electives)


 Level 3
UFCFFF-30-3 Software Development Project 30 90 Credits at L2
UFCFMM-30-3 Business Intelligence and Data Mining 30 None
UFCFRB-15-3 Security Management in Practice 15 None
UFCFB5-15-3 Ethical and Professional Issues in Computing and Digital Media 15 None
UFCF95-15-3 Entrepreneurial Skills 15 None
UFCFLM-15-3 Sustainable Business and Computing (Elective) 15 None
UFCFE6-15-3 Professional Experience (Elective) 15 None
UMKDMQ-15-3 Digital Marketing Communication (Elective) 15 UMKDJ4-15-2
UFCFM6-15-3 Requirements Engineering (Elective) 15 UFCFB6-30-2

Level-3 Total Credits= 120 (15 Credits from Electives) – BSc (Hons) Business Computing – 480 credits


Note: The Omani Culture Module is a compulsory module that will be offered during summer. It carries 0 credit so it will not contribute to the program credits.