1 - What is the name of the academic partner and what is the type of affiliation?

Global College of Engineering and Technology (GCET) is academically affiliated with the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, on (franchise) base. This means the awarding body for all programmes offered by GCET is the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.

2 - What is the language of instruction in the college?

English is the language of instruction for all subjects and all majors in the college.

3 - What are the majors offered by the college?

Bachelor Majors:

  1. BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering and Vehicle Technology
    (Scientific Section)
  2. BEng (Hons) Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
    (Scientific Section)
  3. BEng (Hons) Automation and Robotics Engineering (Scientific
  4. BEng (Hons) Instrumentation and Control Engineering (Scientific
  5. BEng (Hons) Building Services Engineering (Scientific Section)
  6. BSc (Hons) Computer Security and Forensics (Scientific and
    Humanities Section)
  7. BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology and Design
  8. BSc (Hons) Environmental Management and Practice (Scientific and
    Humanities Section)
  9. BSc (Hons) Urban and Regional Planning (Scientific and Humanities
  10. BSc (Hons) Business Computing (Scientific and Humanities section)

Master Majors:

  1. MSc Engineering Management
  2. MSc Data Science

4 - What are the entry requirements for the undergraduate programmes?

The minimum entry requirement for the undergraduate programs is a pass in the Omani General Education Diploma (or equivalent) with:

1.1.1 A minimum overall average of 65%.
1.1.2 A minimum of 60% in Mathematics (applied or pure).
1.1.3 A minimum of 55% in English Language.
For candidates who want to pursue a degree program in Engineering, they need a minimum score of 60% in Physics and a minimum of 60% in Pure Mathematics in addition to the above general admission requirements. Upon admission, high school leavers (sponsored by MoHERI or self-paid) will sit a placement test to ensure English language, Mathematics and ICT minimum entry requirements are met.

5 - What are the entry requirements for the masters?

  • The student must obtain a bachelor’s degree with a grade of no less than 2.7 or its equivalent in the same field of specialization required.
  • In case the student obtains a grade lower than the required, he can provide a certificate of experience in the same field of specialization required, but this is conditional upon the approval of the university (UWE).
  • English language certificate of no less than IELTS 6.5 or equivalent.

6 - What is the nature and system of study?

The available modes of study are morning, evening, or flexible.

7 - What is the tuition fee / how to calculate the tuition fee?

General Foundation Programme Academic Programme
Registration fees RO. 30/- RO. 30/-
The credit fees RO. 16.67 RO. 29.17
Fees for 60 credits RO. 1000 RO. 1750
The annual fee RO. 3000 for 3 stages RO. 3500 for two
Number of credits for completing the programme 180 credits 480 credits (120 credit per year)

8 - Does the college provide internal housing or transportation?

The college does not provide housing or transportation for students at the present time. The college provides a service to assist students in searching and finding appropriate transportation / housing.

9 - What are the procedures for a new student who has not previously studied in other colleges?

  • The new student must take a placement test in English language, mathematics and computer science, and it may be necessary to sit for an exam in physics (for engineering majors’ students).
  • Depending on the student’s result, he is enrolled in the first, second, or
    third stage, or he is directly registered in the major.
  • A student is exempted from the Foundation programme, if he obtained
    a foundation programme certificate from a recognized college in the Sultanate of Oman, and he is dealt with according to the conditions followed in the college.

10- Duration of the Foundation programme?

The Foundation programme consists of three stages spread over an
academic year, each stage is 12 weeks long.

11- Duration of the academic programme for a new student?

  • The duration of study for a bachelor’s degree is four years, with two semesters for each academic year.
  • A student must complete 480 credits of 120 credits annually to obtain the degree registered on them.

12 - Are fees fixed?

The college applies the policy of approved discounts according to each academic year. The student gets a discount based on the average obtained in the 12th grade (for new students)

13 - Does the college have a course equivalency system?

The college has a course equivalency system, provided the student obtains a certificate or transcript from an educational institution recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Sultanate of Oman or from outside the Sultanate.

14 - What are the material equivalence procedures?

  • The applicant must access the link for the equivalence.
  • Enter the required data, and attach the transcript with the course description in case the certificate is from outside the Sultanate.
  • Payment of RO. 30 for the materials equivalency (Nun-Refund).
  • The applicant is provided with the study plan indicating the subjects exempt from studying and the remaining materials, moreover, the student will be given a no-objection letter and the date of the expected graduation.
  • The applicant is eligible for a discount from the tuition fees as applicable in the discounts policy of the college.

15 - What are the college registration requirements?

  • General Secondary Certificate (General Education Diploma) or its equivalent after being approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • Fill out the registration form for a non-refundable fee of RO.30/-.
  • A copy of the ID card or passport.
  • 2 personal photos.

16 - Number of semesters in an academic year?

Programme General Foundation Programme Academic Programme
The first semester Starts in October and ends in December. Starts in October and ends in January.
The second semester Starts in January and ends
in May.
Starts in February and ends in June.
The third semester Starts in June and ends in August.
The duration of each semester 12 weeks 15 weeks

17 - How are new majors approved?

The college’s programmes are approved and their quality controlled by the University of the West of England as the certification body.

18 - Are students from outside the Sultanate or of non-Omani nationalities accepted?

The college provides facilities for students who are wishing to study from outside in the Sultanate.

19- What are the nationalities of the academic staff?

Global College of Engineering and Technology is proud of the availability of a distinguished number of academic staff who hold a doctorate degree from prestigious international universities, where there are nationalities from different countries with high competence, and at the same time the academic staff from the University of the West of England supervises the academic body.

20- Can a student study remotely?

  • The college provides the flexible mode of studying, which is suitable for students who are working in the private or public sector and sectors that apply the irregular working system (two weeks + two weeks).
  • The flexible system supports the student by providing recorded lectures and academic support according to the times that allow him to do so.
  • The periodic evaluations and final evaluations are standardized for all students at the same date, and there is no discrimination between the students enrolled in the flexible system from other students in terms of evaluation.

21 - How to join the college?

  • The student can visit the college’s website and log into www.gcet.edu.om
  • Fill out the application form and attach the previously mentioned documents required.
  • Pay the amount of RO.30/- application fee.

22 - What are the communication channels?

College Telephone exchange +968 24227999
Admission and Registration Department +968 24227903
+968 24227960
+968 24227912
Marketing department +968 24227965
Finance department +968 24227945
+968 24227926