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The library and learning resource unit is the main academic support unit of the college. It provides its users access to information in pursuit of their learning and research for the benefit of individuals and the community.

The Library is located at the Ground Floor of the Administrative Building. It is open from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM on a regular semester with the flexibility to be extended until 11:00 PM upon students request especially when the final exam is approaching. Library service is also available during weekends upon student’s request.

The Library can accommodate 190 seaters at the same time with two discussion rooms, individual workspaces, silent study area, photocopying and printing facilities, networked PCs, e-Learning room and a high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection. The Library adopts an open access system that allows the users to browse and select books from the shelves for library and/or for home use.

GCET Library is a “hybrid library” that respects the tradition of printed books as a repository of culture and knowledge and responds to the changing needs of technology with an automated library information system in place. With the partnership and collaboration with the University of the West of England – Bristol, access to library resources are even better and easier. All GCET students are provided with an individual username and password to access the library e-resources covering more than a thousand e-books and with a wide range of e-journals and academic online video tutorials like lynda.com, IEEE Xplore, Ebscohost, Science Direct, Knovel to name just a few. To browse the lists of databases available to GCET Students and Academic Staff please visit this link.

GCET Library has a growing collection of 1,350 titles of printed books with 3,776 volumes, 268,129 e-books and 246 electronic databases both accessible via UWE Library Search and Masader Oman Virtual Science Library database.

GCET Library provides the following services:

  • Ordering, cataloguing and circulating of learning materials. The materials to be ordered come from three main streams as explained below:
    • All learning and teaching materials (essential and recommended) identified in the approved module descriptors.
    • Learning and teaching materials recommended by staff and approved by the Library Committee. Faculty makes recommendations for books to be procured via the book recommendation form that can be downloaded from the college website under library.
    • Materials recommended by the Librarians and approved by the Library Committee.
  • Providing borrowing services to staff and students
  • Circulation of Acquisitions List: The Librarians prepare and distribute acquisitions lists, which enumerate the new materials acquired by the library in a certain period within the semester via email/GCET Library website.
  • Providing an Information Literacy Training Programme which is a hands-on workshop to students on the following topics:
    • Citing Sources / Referencing,
    • Plagiarism,
    • How to use GCET Library Online Catalogue,
    • How to use UWE Library e-Resources in searching for e-books, e-journals.
    • How to access and use UWE Blackboard to browse lecture presentation, past exams and video recordings.
  • Providing a Library Orientation/Instruction programme to new students. It is designed to provide students with a good understanding of library core functions, facilities, resources and services. This service is given to all new students of the College during the induction day.

The Library collection is not just limited to books but also contains a growing collections of e-books, e-journals and are currently subscribed to a various educational magazine and local & international newspapers.

Access to UWE Learning Resources

GCET Students have full access to UWE library and learning resources. These include e-books, e-journals, Electronic Databases such as IEEE Xplore, Science Direct, Ebscohost, Springer link, Knovel, lynda.com, Blackboard lecture notes, lecture video recordings and past exam papers.

Access to the Library Online Catalogue

GCET Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (DDC) to arrange books and other library materials on the shelves so they can be easily retrieved. It also uses the Web-based Library Automation Service from Library World which is also used by thousands of libraries worldwide to provide access to the GCET Library collections anytime, anywhere. The Online Catalogue or commonly known as OPAC is accessible via the following link .  Alternatively, GCET students and staff can download the Library World mobile apps, which is freely available for iOS and Android to browse GCET Library collections. The Library Online Catalogue can also be accessed via the GCET Website under library.

Library Code of Conduct

Library Code of Conduct

The Library has the right to maintain its facilities in a clean, pleasant and safe manner. Every individual students and staff has the right to use the library undisturbed. All library staff has the right to work without undue interference. All library users and staff should be free of any threat, invasion of property or gross indignity. To guarantee these rights for all, the following code of conduct apply to behavior on the premises of the library. The Library is an area of study, learning, silent, and quiet work. Therefore, users have to ensure that:

  • Mobile phones are either switched off or turned to silent mode.
  • All users of the Library are requested to keep good order in all areas.
  • No person may interfere with, or use, Library items and equipment in a way which is not intended (for example, unplugging Library equipment).
  • If asked, have their bags, cases or other receptacles inspected.
  • No food or drink may be consumed in the Library.
  • The Library is vacated at designated closing times, upon hearing alarm bells, or when asked by Library staff to do so.
  • They look after their personal belongings brought into the Library, as the College does not accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal belongings.
  • A user leaves the place of work in the Library in a tidy state, ready for the next user.

The Library has designated working areas for female and male students and staff. Students are requested to respect this assignment at all times.

Anyone violating these rules is first warned by the library staff at the time of the offense. If the conduct continues, the offender will be ordered to leave the premises. Library staff at their discretion will expel library users without a warning in situation of serious, threatening or willfully malicious behavior.

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