The Library and Learning Resources (LLR) is the main academic support of the College. It provides users an access to the information in pursuit of their learning and research for the benefit of both the individuals and the community. The library is located at the ground floor of the administrative building. It is open from 8:30 A.M to 8:00 P.M on a regular semester and until 10:00 P.M on the examination week. The library adapts an open access system that allows users to browse and select books on the shelves for the library or for home use.

There are two areas in the library, the main library which houses the library collections, e-learning room that allow students and staff to use networked PC and printing facilities. Aside from the library reading area the main library has four discussion rooms that can accommodate up to eight students. The library study area is the new additional areas in the library where students could freely discuss, have a cup of coffee, and use the two available discussion rooms which can accommodate up to six students at the same time. Stationary section is also part of this area. All areas in the library are equipped with high-speed wi-fi internet connection. The library adopts an open access system that allows users to browse and select books on the shelves for library or for home use.

The library helps ensure that its users can access the information they need. With the partnership and collaboration with UWE Bristol (University of the West of England) which started in 2016, access to the UWE Bristol Library digital resources and services is made available for GCET undergraduate and postgraduate students and staff. All UG and PG students enrolled are provided with a UWE welcome letter upon joining the College. The welcome letter comes with the log-in credentials to access the UWE library electronic resources remotely which covers a million ebooks collections and a wide range of e-journals and academic multidisciplinary databases. Some of the available e-resources are the following: IEEE Xplore, Science Direct, Springerlink, VleBooks, Ebscohost, LinkedIn Learning, Ebscohost, Knovel etc. The full lists of e-resources available for students and staff is listed on this link. Through the GCET-UWE partnership, GCET students and staff get free software licenses from UWE Bristol through AppsAnywhere which is the main route of all the available software installation. Some software includes Microsoft Office 365, Solidworks, Ricardo, AutoCAD, MATLAB which is a widely used software among engineers, scientists, and technologists and many more. Advice on using UWE software can be found through the University website or from the following link. 

The Library and Learning Resources are committed to support students and staff on their learning and teaching endeavors. To ensure the best quality of service provided to library users and with our commitment to further develop our collections, we make sure that all the learning materials listed in the module specifications, such as compulsory and recommended books are available in the library. We encourage our students and staff to use our library online catalogue database to easily find the books on the shelves.

Apart from Library services during the induction day before the start of each semester, the GCET Librarian continuously update and release series of library instructions in collaboration with undergraduate modules (The Professional and Academic Skills and the Final Year Project) with the objectives to familiarize the students with the use of the library e-resources & databases, proper citation and referencing. GCET Library also provides guidelines in using referencing tools, plagiarism awareness and the use of plagiarism software as well as using Moodle and library online catalog.

GCET students and staff can discover and explore our e-resources through UWE Library Search and Library Online Catalog. These resources can be accessed through our Library Webpage or via GCET Library Moodle Page.

The Library and Learning Resources exists to support the vision and mission of Global College of Engineering and Technology and the goals and objectives of the different departments in providing excellent library services and access to relevant information on behalf of instruction, research, innovations, and other scholarly activity. To this end the library works closely with the faculty, staff and students at the college to achieve its goal and objectives specified below.

As an academic support unit of the college. The library provides its users access to relevant information in pursuit of their learning and research for the benefit of individuals and the community. In pursuing this goal, development efforts revolve on two major aspects: 1) development of the library collection focusing on the subject areas which supports the existing and the new programmes and other areas of research, and 2) computerization of library services for faster access to the library’s information resources.

  • To provide and organize adequate/relevant information and up-to-date collection in various types and subjects to support the programmes of the college. 
  • To provide instruction/orientation in the library and information literacy skills which aimed to facilitate research and developed individual’s ability to select, evaluate and use information resources. 
  • To promote library and learning resources to faculty, students, and staff 
  • To continuously provide students and staff development training and support to the newly available and added resources of the library. 
  • To encourage the habit of reading and the use of library and learning resources to develop the student’s potential for self-education and intellectual development for lifelong education.

The library has the right to maintain its facilities in a clean, pleasant, and safe manner. All individual students and staff have the right to use the library undisturbed. All library staff has the right to work without undue interference. All library users and staff should be free of any threat, invasion of property or gross indignity. To guarantee these rights for all, the following code of conduct apply to behavior on the premises of the library.

The library is an area of study, learning, silent, and quiet work. Therefore, users must ensure that:

  • Mobile phones are either switched off or turned to silent mode.
  • All users of the library are requested to keep good order in all areas.
  • No person may interfere with, or use, Library items and equipment in a way which is not intended (for example, unplugging Library equipment).
  • If asked, have their bags, cases or other receptacles inspected.
  • No food or drink may be consumed in the library, except bottled water.
  • The library is vacated at designated closing times or when asked by Library staff to do so.
  • They look after their personal belongings brought into the library, as the College does not accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal belongings.
  • A user leaves the place of work in the library in a tidy state, ready for the next user.

Anyone violating these rules is first warned by the library staff at the time of the offense. If the conduct continues, the offender will be ordered to leave the premises and report their names to Students Services and Support Office (SSSO) for further disciplinary action. Library staff at their discretion will expel library users without a warning in situation of serious, threatening or willfully malicious behavior.