The Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the core departments of GCET. It is also one of the largest departments with more than 330 students. The aim of the department is to disseminate knowledge and technologies through quality teaching, research and its applications in the mechanical and allied disciplines. Dr. Pooyan is the head of the research group, Dr. Siva and Dr. Milad are the research council members and Dr. Morteza is working remotely with the department. Our faculty conduct advanced research in fundamental and emerging areas of Mechanical engineering.

Research Focus

  • Renewable energies and Sustainable engineering
  • Motorsport and Vehicle technology
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)
  • Biomechanics, Prosthesis Construction
  • Ground Source Heat Pump, Pyrolysis, Gasification and Combustion
  • Energy Analysis and Management, Energy policy and Economics
  • Hydrogen Energy and Industrial Safety Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis, optimization, stress Analysis, and Design and manufacturing


       The Department of Mechanical Engineering welcomes partnership with reputed academia and industries. Such partnerships will be valued and recognized through collaborative research, industrial visits, joint degree programs and the exchange of students/faculty/staff. We encourage partnerships initiated by our faculty based on research/academic interests. So far, the department has been actively collaborating with the universities in Iran, India, Malaysia and the UK. The evidences of these collaborations are reflected in the joint publications.