Renewable Energy is both a global trend and a national target. GCET aims to have a key role in the renewable energy research, education and implementation of the same towards achieving Oman Vision 2040.
GCET Renewable Energy team is a multidisciplinary team. The team brings together the expertise and skills of different professionals to assess, plan and manage innovations and research related to Green Energy Sources and System. They are working towards promoting and disseminating the related knowledge and technologies. They collaborate to present the important results to the international community in research, development, application, planning or design for demand and supply of the fields of renewable/green/clean energy.

Research Focus

  • Renewable/ Green/ clean Energy Sources and Systems as Wind power, Hydropower, Solar Energy, Biomass, Biofuel, Geothermal Energy, Wave Energy, Tidal energy, Hydrogen & Blue Hydrogen.
  • New Trends and Technologies for Renewable Energy
  • Policies and strategies for Renewable Energy
  • Production of Energy Using Green Energy Sources
  • Applications and Implementations
  • Energy Transformation and System Planning
  • Novel Energy Conversion Studies for Renewable Energy
  • Driving Circuits for Green Energy Systems
  • Control Techniques for Green Energy Systems
  • Grid Interactive Systems Used in Hybrid Green Energy Systems
  • Performance Analysis of Renewable Energy Systems
  • Hybrid GESSs
  • Renewable Energy Research and Applications for Industries
  • Renewable Energy Sources and System for Electrical Vehicles and Components
  • Artificial Intelligence Studies in Renewable Energy Systems
  • Computational Methods for Renewable Energy Sources and System
  • Machine Learning for Renewable Energy Applications
  • Renewable Energy System Design
  • Energy Savings
  • Sustainable and Clean Energy Issues
  • Public Awareness and Education for Renewable Energy
  • Future Directions for Renewable Energy Sources and System
  • Thermoelectric Energy